FAQ and Returns


To contact one of our customer service operators please use our form in the Contact section, alternatively please write an email to shop@tuscans.it

  1. How can I please an order?
  2. What should I do if I forget the password?
  3. How do I know if the product is available?
  4. How are my personal data and my card details handled?
  5. Is a signature required to receive the parcel?
  6. How long will it take to process my order?
  7. How is the parcel sent?
  8. How can I return the item?
  9. What are the cookies? Why is a banner about them on the website?
  10. What is the wish list?

  1. To place an order, an account must be created, and the user must be over 18. Each product page will enable items to be added to the basket and consequentially to complete the order. The shipping costs will be automatically added in the basket. Please visit “Shipping and Payment” for further information.
  2. Should the password be forgotten it can be changed in the “Lost Password” section in the login page. It is required to insert the email address associated to the account and a temporary password will be automatically sent to the email address provided. For your security, please change the password as soon as possible.
  3. The product page of the selected item will inform whether the product is available or not. Should the product be out of stock it will be possible to request an automatic email notifying once the product is back in stock.
  4. The personal data and card details are handled privately with a cryptographic program. The data will not be accessible to other parties and will only be used for shipping or payment. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and “Terms and Conditions” for further information.
  5. A signature is required upon receiving the parcel. Please note we are not able to deliver parcels without a signature from the Client or someone appointed on his / her behalf.
  6. Orders are processed within one working day from the payment clearing day. Usually this happens within 24 hours if paid via PayPal or within 48 hours if paid by card or bank transfer (working days excluded).
  7. The parcel will be delivered in a safely packed box. The invoice will be placed inside the box. Please note that the Tuscan’s customised box is to be considered part of the goods for the returns.
  8. Items can be returned with 14 days from the day of the delivery receipt. The return request of one or more items can be done by entering your account, under the Returns section.
  9. Cookies are portions of code installed within the browser which aid the Service provider in the delivery of the service in agreement with the described terms. Some of these terms related to the installation of the Cookies may require the User authorisation.
  10. The wish list is used to save items without committing to its purchase. It can be modified the wish list by removing or adding items or it can be shared on Social Networks. 


General guidelines on the article 12 of the “Terms and Conditions”.

What is it?

The right to cancel the order consist of the possibility given to the consumer to terminate the contract with the Vendor and to return the purchased item (or cancelling the order placed); and consequentially to return the item(s) at the price of purchase.

How does it work?

The right to cancel the order can be pledged within and not after 14 days from the date of the delivery of the goods. The full refund will be issued with the same method of payment used by the Client to purchase the order. Should the item be damaged / modified / exchanged / worn-out or in any other way the product may display alleged repairing, it will be refunded of the full value paid by the Client, minus the costs sustained by the Vendor to repair the item. Should the item not be repaired the refund will be cancelled and the item will be shipped again in the conditions received by the Vendor.

Please note electrical devices have a retina display which, depending on its brightness, position and several variables can compromise the visual rendering of the colour and material of the good. Small imperfections within the product are a sign of our artisanship, this is a quality and certifies uniqueness.

What to do?

Simply login onto your account and request the return of one or more items, and / or of one or more shipping in the Return area in the account.

For further information please visit our “privacy policy” and our “Terms and Condition” sections.